GLOBAL REPORT: China Pushes 'Genisys' Past US Total; 'Jurassic World' Becomes 4th Film Ever to Cross $1 Billion Overseas; 'Mission: Impossible" Cruises Past $500 Million Worldwide with China on the Horizon

on September 06, 2015



Jonathan Papish @ChinaBoxOffice


Terminator: Genisys earned $11.5 million (-51%) from 7 markets this weekend, the lion’s share again coming from China which grossed $11.4 million and earned its 3rd straight weekend victory. Genisys has made $109 million on the Mainland, which is nearly one-third of its $346.3 million overseas cume and exactly one-quarter of the $435.92 million worldwide total. Genisys will end its China run with $120 million as Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation opens on Tuesday and will steal most of Arnold’s screens. 


Hitman: Agent 47 brought in $11.37 million from 71 total territories. The action film has grossed $43.2 million overseas and $62.9 million globally. Russia and Venezuela both had solid openings with Russia taking the top spot with $2.4 million and Venezuela in second behind Fantastic Four with $1.16 million. However, India opened to $321K on 238 screens and South Korea bowed to just $301K on 271 screens. 


Minions pulled in $10.9 million (-27%) from 57 territories this weekend, and has now grossed $714.2 million overseas and $1.044 billion worldwide. The animated spinoff film from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainments opened in Turkey with $866K which was the second-biggest opening for an animated film in Turkey, just 12% below Ice Age: Continental Drift. There are two more territories to release: China next Sunday and Greece on September 24.


Ant-Man finally burrowed into South Korea this weekend earning the highest opening for a Marvel Cinematic Universe first installment with $9.2 million since releasing on Thursday. Paul Rudd’s diminutive superhero grossed $10 million from 35 total territories, lifting the overseas total to $210.5 million and the global total to $383.69 million. Ant-Man flies into Japan on September 19.


Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation grossed $9.4 million (-39%) from 64 overseas territories this frame, bringing the international cume to $328.7 million and the worldwide total to $511.187 million. Top holdovers include France ($1.4M/$18.4M cume), Japan ($1.3M/$36.1M cume), Germany ($980K/$12.4M cume), UK/Ireland ($820K/$31.2M cume), and Brazil ($700K/$8.8M cume). 


Rogue Nation opens in its final territory China on Tuesday. The film had its premiere in Shanghai on Saturday with Tom Cruise, co-star Rebecca Ferguson and director Christopher McQuarrie in attendance. Cruise also met with Alibaba CEO Jack Ma whose Alibaba Pictures co-financed Rogue Nation. The film should be on the same level as this summer’s blockbusters Avengers: Age of Ultron and Jurassic World and early predictions are saying $200M+ is possible. 


Crime drama The Dead End earned $9.25 million (-40%) in its second weekend of release in China. The film which earned joint Best Actor awards for its three leading men at the Shanghai International Film Festival has earned $41.85 million and is attracting a sizable female audience. 


Straight Outta Compton grossed $7.9 million (+21%) from 13 territories this weekend, raising the early overseas total to $18.1 million and the worldwide total to $168.3 million. The NWA biopic opened at #1 in Austrlia with $3.3 million, New Zealand with $369K, and the Netherlands with $405K. The film held well in UK/Ireland ($2.1M/$8.8M cume) and Germany ($1.3M/$3.7M cume). Next weekend, Compton comes to Sweden, French-Switzerland and South Korea.


Inside Out posted $7.1 million (-35%) from 36 territories in its 12th frame of overseas release. The Disney/Pixar original has grossed $386.2 million overseas and $734.419 million worldwide, and is now the 4th highest grossing Pixar film of all-time worldwide, passing Up’s $734.0 million. Greece opened this weekend with the highest opening day ever for a Pixar film (concrete numbers weren’t available). Top markets are UK/Ireland ($55.6M), South Korea ($32.8M), Japan ($31.8M), Mexico ($31.1M), France ($27.7M), Australia ($23.2M), Spain ($22.4M), Argentina ($19.6M), Russia ($19.2M), and Brazil ($14.2M). Inside Out opens September 16 in Italy and October 1 in Germany. There is still no confirmed China release date.


The Man From U.N.C.L.E. grossed $6.2 million (+11%) this weekend overseas for $46.0 million total and $84.4 million worldwide. Warner Bros’ big screen adaptation of the 1960s TV show opened in 18 new territories this weekend including Mexico ($1.0M from 865 screens), Italy ($598K on 308 screens), Brazil ($526K from 434 screens), and Singapore ($497K on just 41 screens). U.N.C.L.E. infiltrates France on September 16 and Japan on November 14.


Japanese audiences seem to be buying Ted 2’s schtick, giving the foulmouthed teddy $2.4 million for a $10.7 million 9-day total. The Universal sequel earned $4.7 million (-50%) from 45 territories this frame, lifting the overseas total to $120 million and the worldwide gross to $201.3 million. Indonesia will be the film’s final release on Wednesday.


Vacation drove off with $4.3 million (-36%) from 55 overseas territories this frame, bringing the international cume to $34.1 million and the worldwide haul to $90.75 million. Russia took 2nd in the market behind Hitman: Agent 47 with $914K on 1,069 screens and has grossed $3.4 million after two weekends of release. Vacation will open in Brazil on Thursday. 


Fantastic Four grossed $3.5 million (-49%) from 49 total markets this weekend, lifting its international cume past the century mark to $101.1 million and its worldwide total to $155.6 million. The global flop from 20th Century Fox opens has two more territories to release — Japan and Italy over the next two months.


This weekend Jurassic World became just the fourth film ever to cross $1 billion at the international box office. Thanks to a $2.7 million (-31%) weekend from 29 territories including $2.3 million from Japan, Jurassic has now earned $1.003 billion overseas and $1.65053 billion worldwide. Universal Pictures also became the first studio ever to cross $6 billion worldwide in one year.


Paper Towns found $2.2 million (+16%) this weekend including an excellent $1.5 million second-place opening in Italy from 340 screens. The film has now opened in all its overseas territories and has grossed $50.4 million at the international box office and $81.9 million worldwide. 


Films grossing less than $2 million overseas this weekend + local language films (Weekend Total/Overseas Total/ Global Total)

Veteran (South Korea) - $4.07M/$78.15M/$78.15M

Capture The Flag (Spain) - $1.6M/$5.0M/$5.0M

El Clan (Argentina) - $1.47M/$13.74M/$13.74M

Office (South Korea) - $1.4M/$1.77M/$1.77M

The Beauty Inside (South Korea) - $1.38M/$11.8M/$11.8M

Trainwreck - $1.2M/$26.1M/$133.6M

The 33 (Chile) - $1.28M/$8.68M/$8.68M

Assassination (South Korea) - $1.01M/$81.3M/$82.9M

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