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Grand Rapids, MI - September 9, 2015 - This October, Goodrich Quality Theaters, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI, will install power recliner seating in all seven auditoriums at the Holland 7 located on Waverly Rd. in Holland, MI.

The Holland 7 installation will be Goodrich Quality Theaters' first complex featuring recliner seating in all auditoriums. Goodrich currently has one auditorium of recliner seating in its Champaign, IL Savoy 16 IMAX. Theaters with recliner seating have increased occupancy rates compared to occupancy with regular seating. "Even though we are losing less than half of our chairs due to the reclining backs and leg rests, we know our attendance numbers will increase, thanks to the TSS recliners," says Bob Goodrich, President and owner, Goodrich Quality Theaters. "We are seeing Champaign customers seek out which movies are playing in the recliner auditorium," adds Goodrich.

Goodrich purchased the recliners from Holland, MI based seating company, Telescopic Seating Systems (TSS). Goodrich's Holland 7 will debut TSS' patent pending CLEAN SWEEP SYSTEM. TSS' revolutionary CLEAN SWEEP SYSTEM allows theater staff to simply press a secure button located inside the auditorium. When pressed, all leg rests of the recliners extend out for easy cleaning. Cleaners can sweep under the seats to ensure all trash and popcorn are removed. The usher can press the button again to close all the legs. CLEAN SWEEP SYSTEM is customizable on any recliner made by any manufacturer. CLEAN SWEEP SYSTEM will save on man hours of cleaning between shows as well as during morning cleanings.

Goodrich also will install TSS' patent pending SMART POWER product to operate the recliners. One SMART POWER device provides electricity to an entire row of chairs (up to 32). Before SMART POWER, the norm to get power to the electric recliners was installing one electrical outlet per two chairs. SMART POWER will save thousands in electrical installation meeting safety requirements and National Electric Code.

Two types of chair designs will be installed in Holland's auditorium 3, a stadium seating house. Goodrich will install new wide armrest chairs in the stadium styled area. Also in Holland 7's theater 3, recliners will be installed between the cross aisle and the screen. The remaining auditoriums in Holland will feature 100 percent SMART POWER recliner seating. The six figure renovation project at Holland 7 will also include new carpet and tile in all auditoriums plus lobby and a newly designed concession stand. Holland 7 will then introduce reserved seating where customers can choose their specific seat assignment online or at the touch monitors at the theater. Holland 7 is not scheduled to have an increase in ticket prices.

Goodrich Quality Theaters plan to soon upgrade other theaters with the TSS recliner.

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