GLOBAL REPORT: 'Zootopia' Eclipses $500M, Continuing its Stampede Across the Global Box Office

on March 20, 2016


Zootopia opened in four markets this weekend as it continued its stampede across the global box office with $64.8 million haul from 49 territories in its sixth frame. Australia is the top opener with $3.7 million, followed by Brazil's $2.5 million bow. China continues to lead the pack with a $173.4 million take, followed by France ($25.4M), Russia ($24.9M), Germany ($19.2M), South Korea ($18.1M), and Mexico ($15M). Zootopia has now grossed a total of $389.9 million overseas and $591.7 million globally.

The Revenant brought back $36.4 million from 11,951 screens in 24 markets, including a $33 million three-day debut in China. IMAX screenings in China brought in $2.3 million from 278 screens. France continues to be the busiest hold-over market, finishing its fourth weekend with a $1.7 million haul from 609 screens and raising its market total to $23.1 million. The Revenant has grossed $302 million overseas and $483.1 million worldwide.

Kung Fu Panda 3 opened in 40 new markets over the weekend, finishing the frame with $31.8 million from a total of 12,713 screens in 51 markets. Italy was the top opener with a $3.8 million bow from 809 screens, followed by Germany ($2M from 1,143 screens), Hong Kong ($1.4M from 97 screens), and Argentina ($1.2M from 330 screens). The film finishes its latest frame overseas with a $257 million cume and $395.3 million global total.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant added $22 million to its overseas tally this weekend, taking its cume outside of North America up to $53.4 million from 77 markets. Mexico was the top new opener with a #2 debut this weekend that amounted to $2.4 million, while France tops all markets in release with an $8.1 million total. Allegiant grossed $400k of its weekend tally from 139 IMAX screens, raising its total in the large screen format to $1.4 million. Allegiant has grossed $82.5 million worldwide to date.

Gods of Egypt added $6.2 million from 74 markets this weekend, taking its overseas total to $98.7 million -its sights sets on hitting $100 million by Monday. China remains the top global market with a $32.6 million over two weekends. The film has grossed $128.2 million worldwide.
Deadpool continues its strong run with $6.1 million from 3,997 screens in 33 markets, taking its overseas total to $389.7 million. Top grossing active markets include the UK ($52.7M), Australia ($28.9M), France ($28.2M), Germany ($23.4M), and Brazil (19.9M). Japan is the final market to release on June 3. Deadpool has grossed $730.6 million globally.

Kapoor & Sons (Since 1921) saw a strong start in its home market, grossing $4.9 million from 1,500 screens in India. The UK also saw strong results with $259k from 63 screens. The film has grossed $5.1 million outside of North America and $6 million worldwide.

Hail, Caesar! grossed $2 million from 34 territories and brought its overseas total to $27.3 million. The latest flick from the Coen brothers has now grossed $57.3 million worldwide with six territories left on its schedule over the next three months, beginning with South Korea and Peru on March 24.
The Witch scared up $1.3 million from 8 markets, giving it an early overseas total of $4.1 million. Egypt opened to a strong #1 with $134k at 12 dates, the fourth biggest debut for a Universal title in the market. The thriller has now grossed $27.8 million worldwide. The Witch is scheduled to open in 11 more markets over the next several markets, including next weekend's debut in the Czech Republic.

The Danish Girl made $1 million from 33 territories, including a limited release bow at 68 dates in Japan where it opened with $435k and the third best per-screen average in the market. The film expands to its final market, Serbia/Montenegro, on March 24. The awards title has grossed $50.2 million overseas and $61.3 million globally.   


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