MoviePass More Than Doubles Moviegoing Attendance

on March 22, 2016


Research Study Verifies Exhibitor Trials Resulted in 111% Increase in Attendance

NEW YORK March 22, 2016 - Today, MoviePass, the nation's premier moviegoing subscription service, released third-party data that measured how frequently MoviePass subscribers went to the movies during a 12-month study that was conducted throughout 2015. The study revealed that MoviePass subscriptions drive a 111% increase in attendance.

MoviePass partnered with, Mather Economics, an expert in subscription analytics, to quantify the effect that a MoviePass subscription has on theatrical attendance. To measure this effect, the study compared the pre-MoviePass attendance rates of customers who belonged to an exhibitor's loyalty program to their attendance rates after joining MoviePass. The results showed:

· An average of 111% incremental lift in attendance behavior
· A 50% increase in midweek attendance

· 75% of MoviePass subscribers are under the age of 35, with an average age of 26 years old

· Average subscription lifetime was 20 months with sustained incremental behavior

"The MoviePass subscription model is the most effective way for our industry to engage young, tech- savvy customers in today's competitive landscape," said Stacy Spikes, CEO and co-founder of MoviePass. "We are a data driven company that uses intelligence to empower studios and exhibitors to drive attendance and have a deeper relationship with their customers."

"This trial confirms quantitatively that the subscription business model MoviePass has created is delivering real value to movie studios, theaters, and audiences," said Mather Economics President, Matt Lindsay.

"We're big believers in MoviePass because of their data-driven approach to subscription, which helps us to better understand our most avid moviegoers and more effectively drive traffic to the theatrical window." Matthew Marolda is Chief Analytics Officer at Legendary Pictures.

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