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Twitter Futures - Slowest Week In Over A Year Sees 'Captain America: Civil War' Lead

on March 25, 2016


By Alex Edghill

Friday Afternoon Update: Captain America: Civil War (aka Captain America 3) led all upcoming films for the second time in the last three weeks with 65,000 on the week. If that seems low its because it is, the lowest leading total for weekly tweets since the week ending January 2nd of 2015 when Focus led all films with 62,401 tweets. Much of the buzz this past week was centered around Batman vs. Superman which had over 1 million tweets, giving it the second largest pre-release buzz of any film on Twitter behind The Force Returns. However, since I don't include films in their opening week for this metric it isn't included in the numbers below.

The Jungle Book jumped up to 2nd spot on the week as its marketing kicked it up a notch with its release now three weeks away. These levels of buzz for a live action family film is actually quite strong, by comparison Pan had just under 4,000 tweets the same distance before release last year. Things are looking promising for the remake at this point.

After basically having zero buzz over the past few month Bridget Jones' Baby debuted its trailer this past week which saw it peak at 18,319 tweets on Wednesday. Shows that there is yet some life in the franchise as the first trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 had just 13,634 tweets back in November of last year.

The other big notable on the past week was Deepwater Horizon which cracked the top 10 for the first time with the help of its first trailer that nabbed 9,860 tweets on Wednesday. Seemingly somewhat of a soft debut, especially for a Mark Wahlberg headliner film but when we look back at Lone Survivor which featured the same director it had just a shade over 3,500 tweets for its first trailer. Wahlberg, as always, seems to have another hit waiting in the wings.

Twitter Top 10 Movies for the week of March 18th to March 24th

Date Movie Tweets Rank Change
5/06/16 Captain America: Civil War 65,025 1 (+1) -63.65%
4/15/16 The Jungle Book (2016) 45,340 2 (+17) 416.93%
5/27/16 X-Men: Apocalypse 42,806 3 (+2) -55.66%
7/15/16 Ghostbusters (2016) 35,965 4 (+2) -32.20%
4/01/16 God's Not Dead 2 31,541 5 (+5) 18.60%
8/05/16 Suicide Squad 29,313 6 (+2) 3.77%
9/16/16 Bridget Jones's Baby 24,960 7 (+81) 46994.34%
6/17/16 Finding Dory 19,475 8 (-1) -31.28%
9/30/16 Deepwater Horizon 17,418 9 (+55) 3149.63%
8/12/16 Sausage Party 17,063 10 (-6) -85.70%

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