'Batman v Superman' Takes Off Overseas

on March 27, 2016



Batman v Superman saw a minor 34% dip on Monday and Tuesday to reach a $308.6 million overseas total by Wednesday. The results put the film past the $500 million mark globally with a $501.9 million cume. Top markets include China ($68.9M), UK ($28.9M), Mexico ($21.6M), Brazil ($14.5M), Australia ($13M), France ($10.8M), and Germany ($10.2M). 


No one else put up much of a fight against the onslaught of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice at the global box office. The film launched in 66 markets this weekend, finishing its first frame with $254 million overseas.

China led all international markets with a $57.3 million haul from approximately 16k screens, making it the biggest WB opener of all time in the market. The UK finished the weekend with $21.9 million, the biggest March opener of all time in the market.

The weekend's other top performers include: Mexico ($18.6M), Brazil ($12.2M), South Korea ($10.5M), Australia ($10M), Russia ($8.5M), France ($8.4M), Germany ($8.2M), Spain ($6.3M), Italy ($5.8M), and Japan ($4.4M).

Warner Bros. is reporting the following overseas records:
• Biggest Superhero opening weekend of all time
• All time biggest March opening
• WB's biggest opening of all-time in China
• WB's biggest IMAX opening of all time
• 2nd biggest WB int'l opening of all-time (behind HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2)
• Biggest opening for a Ben Affleck film
• Biggest opening for a Zack Snyder film
• Biggest opening for a Henry Cavill film

Batman vs. Superman finished its first weekend with a $424.1 million global haul.


Batman v Superman is up to $115.3 million overseas after bringing in $67.2 million over the past 24 hours thanks to the addition of 17 new markets. 
China registered WB's biggest opening day of all time in the market with a $20 million take (including sneaks). Flash numbers coming in for Saturday are suggesting a $22.6 million second-day gross, putting the film at around $43 million in its first 48 hours in the market.

UK led new openers with $9 million from 1,700 screens while India enjoyed a $2.54 million bow from 1,372 screens. Other top openers include Japan ($1.2M, 718 screens) and Taiwan ($905k). 

Mexico continued to add to its tally with a $4.3 million take, raising its total to $9.6 million in its second day of release. Other top performers for Friday include Australia ($3M, $5.6M cume), Brazil ($3M, $6.6M cume), Germany ($2.4M, $5.1M cume), South Korea ($1.7M, $3.4M cume), Russia ($1.6M, $3.6M cume), Spain ($1.2M, $4.2M cume), France ($1.2M, $3.9M cume), Hong Kong ($1.2M, $2.4M cume), and Italy ($925k, $3M cume).


Batman v Superman expanded to 38 additional markets on Thursday, grossing $33.1 million from approximately 19,700 screens to take its two day total to $44 million outside of North America. 

Latin America provided strong results out of the gate, with Mexico enjoying a debut of $5.8 million from 3,800 screens and Brazil impressing with a $3.5 million bow from 1,331 (including sneaks). Other top debuts came from Germany ($2.8M, 1,015 screens including sneaks), Australia ($2.5M, 594 screens), Russia ($1.9M, 2,000 screens), South Korea ($1.7M, 1,613 screens), and the United Arab Emirates ($1.1M, 112 screens). 

Holdovers included strong second-day tallies from Spain ($1.1M, $2.9M cume), Italy ($925k, $2M cume), and France ($953k, $2.7M cume). 


Batman v Superman took the top spot in all of its opening markets on Wednesdays, bringing $7 million from around 5,900 screens. Leading opening day tallies included Spain ($1.8M), France ($1.7M), and Italy ($1.1M). 



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