Screenvision, a leader in cinema advertising, continues to expand their exhibitor network by signing an exclusive deal with New Orleans-based Southern Theatres L.L.C., marking the 5th new exhibitor deal Screenvision has signed in 1st half of 2008. Under this agreement, Screenvision will hold exclusive on-screen advertising selling rights and selling rights for promotions for all 18 locations and 268 screens. Additionally, Screenvision will digitize all of Southern Theatres' locations, increasing Screenvision's overall digital screen count to close to 7,000 and allowing for presentation of alternative content offerings. Southern Theatres L.L.C. develops and operates The Grand Theatres and Amstar Cinemas, all state-of-the-art multiplex stadium seating movie theatres across 15 DMAs including Houston, Orlando, Charlotte and Greenville.

Screenvision's cinema advertising network is comprised of more than 14,000 screens across 2,300 theatres nationwide and reaches 92% of U.S. DMAs, with audience delivery skewing largely toward A/B County areas. Screenvision also produces the only host-format entertainment preshow in the cinema advertising industry, which airs across Screenvision's High Definition digital network of 7,000 screens.

In recent months, Screenvision has added to its nationwide network by signing several top exhibitors including Florida-based Frank Theatres, Dallas-based Movie Tavern, Detroit-based Emagine Entertainment Inc., and most recently Indiana-based Great Escape Theatres. Since January of this year, Screenvision has grown its network by 800 screens.

"This has been a tremendous time for Screenvision in recent months as we've continued to grow our exhibitor network with truly terrific partners in key DMAs," said Darryl Schaffer, Executive Vice President, Exhibitor Relations, Screenvision. "To keep the momentum going, we're very excited to be adding Southern Theatres to our network, a truly high quality and continually expanding circuit."

Timothy Spain, COO Southern Theatres added: "We're very happy to have appointed Screenvision our exclusive cinema advertising partner. As we continue to expand our circuit, we're confident Screenvision will be able to deliver innovative and fresh advertising partners on a stable digital platform. They have a superb sales force, technological expertise, entertaining programming and a very flexible approach to meet our needs. We look forward to this new and exciting partnership."

"With the valuable addition of Southern Theaters, we have added more than 800 new screens to the Screenvision network since January, further growing our already strong national, regional and local networks and delivery capability for our advertisers," added Michael Chico, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Screenvision.


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Regal Entertainment Group, the owner and operator of the largest movie theater circuit in the world, and RealD 3D, the global leader in 3D, announced an unprecedented partnership yesterday. The deal calls for a rollout of 1500 RealD 3D screens, bringing the RealD 3D screen count to over 3500. The rollout will allow most U.S. markets to have 3D capability and will commence upon the completion of the Digital Cinema Implementation Partners (DCIP) initiative. Regal and RealD will work together to market and develop the RealD premium 3D platform in key Regal markets and theatres throughout the U.S.

The consummation of the announced deal is subject to completion of definitive agreements and is contingent upon DCIP finalizing the necessary digital cinema conversion arrangements.

“We are pleased to announce a significant expansion of our existing partnership with RealD,” stated Mike Campbell, CEO and chairman of Regal Entertainment Group. “We believe RealD is a leader in digital 3D technology and will provide an exceptional 3D experience for our customers. We look forward to the finalization of the DCIP deals, which will allow Regal to commence the expanded 3D rollout.”

“We are honored to become Regal’s partner for premium 3D cinema," said Michael Lewis, chairman and CEO of RealD. “Regal has always been a leader in innovation and in bringing new forms of entertainment to their audiences. 3D is the fastest-growing area of filmmaking and Regal’s unprecedented commitment to a nationwide RealD 3D platform represents a win for everyone.”

“I believe this partnership between Regal Entertainment Group and RealD marks a defining moment for the greatest transformation in movie-going in 70 years," said Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation. "The future of cinema comes to theaters in 2009, when audiences for the first time can enjoy the extraordinary new innovations in 3D filmmaking and exhibition. Prepare to be immersed in the world of movies like never before.”

Commenting on the announcement, Chuck Viane, president, Distribution, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, said, “We're thrilled that Regal Entertainment is now working in partnership with RealD to significantly increase the number of 3D venues and bring exciting state-of-the-art 3D experiences to moviegoers in most major markets. Disney has been a pioneer in producing groundbreaking 3D motion pictures, and has an ambitious slate of projects starting with the November release of our newest animated feature, ‘Bolt.’ Moviegoers have enthusiastically demonstrated their preference for quality 3D entertainment, and we join our friends at Regal and RealD in making the theatrical experience as exciting and enjoyable as possible.”

Bruce Snyder, president, Domestic Distribution, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, stated, “With Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and James Cameron’s, Avatar both being released in the not so distant future in the 3D format, we at Fox clearly believe in the 3D process as the next great thing in the movie-going experience. We are currently deep into the negotiation with DCIP to keep the digitalization of theaters moving forward. And we are thrilled that RealD and Regal have joined together to make 3D viewing a reality on a nationwide basis."


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Having proven the potential of their unique brand at their iconic Hampstead site, Everyman Media Group is set to take the concept to seven new venues, following their acquisition of independent circuit Screen Cinemas, and beyond into their quickly developing UK site pipeline starting with Hammersmith in 2010.

The Everyman brand is distinguished from other cinemas by its club-like feel and attention to service. Everyman recognises the important role technology has to play in providing second-to-none customer service, and a unique offering to their customers. “At the core of Everyman is a strong drive for innovation and creativity; VISTA are perfect partners to join us in our quest to push the boundaries and set new standards in this business sector’’ says Everyman founder and CEO Daniel Broch.

Having used Vista’s software at the three-screen Hampstead venue for several years, Everyman faced a strategic decision in their choice of software to use as they evolve to a circuit. The ability to take Vista’s base cinema product, and complement it with additional modules such as Head Office, has meant that Everyman Media Group have been able to easily transform from an independent cinema exhibitor to a highly innovative circuit.

Everyman Media Group will be utilising Vista’s extensive product range to enhance their service offerings, with waiting staff using Vista’s handheld PDA product MobilePOS to take customer food & drink orders at their seats. With MobilePOS operating on a wireless link to the network, preparation & delivery information is sent straight through to the bar, freeing the waiter to move right on to take the next customer’s order.

Vista’s Loyalty module will also be used to run Everyman Media Group’s pioneering new style of membership scheme. This will include membership offers that change each month, and a reward to encourage members to introduce their friends to the scheme. The ability of the software to deliver on Everyman’s original and innovative loyalty requirements is testament to the flexible and highly configurable nature of Vista software.

Everyman Media Group is leading mobile phone ticketing charge in the UK, with plans to be the first cinema exhibitor in Britain to use Vista’s exciting new MobileCinema. MobileCinema allows customers to view movie sessions, choose seats and purchase tickets directly from their mobile phones. Vista and Everyman are working closely to bring this ground breaking new sales channel to the UK cinema industry.

“Everyman has created a unique and personalised experience with their cinema club concept. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with the Everyman team as they move ahead with their exciting plans for growth.” Derek Forbes, Vista European Operations Manager.


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Landmark Theatres today announced the grand opening of its newest Living RoomTM Auditorium at Dallas’ Classic Inwood Theatre. This unique auditorium - the first and only one of its kind in Texas - will give audiences an unparalleled movie-going experience just in time for summer’s most anticipated film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which opens at the Inwood on May 22 at 12:01am with a special midnight show.

Working in partnership with the LoveSac® Furniture Company, Landmark completely re-invented the first-floor auditorium of the Inwood with a variety of unique seating options including couches, loveseats, chairs and ottomans, as well as the original LoveSac. A private bar also was added, allowing patrons to purchase cocktails and soft drinks without ever leaving the auditorium.

Landmark Theatres first introduced the Living RoomTM auditoriums in their Los Angeles flagship theatre, The Landmark, where they won widespread acclaim from audiences.

“It’s a completely unique concept and a movie-lovers’ dream come true,” CEO Ted Mundorff said. “Guests will feel like they are in their own screening room. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to provide patrons with the perfect afternoon or evening out, not just at the movies, but as an overall entertainment experience.”

This is the second time Landmark Theatres has renovated the historic Inwood Theatre. When Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban bought the Landmark Theatres chain in 2005, they modernized the seating, technology and amenities while staying true to the history and beauty of the original, which opened in 1947.

The much-loved Inwood Lounge, Dallas’ best martini bar, was also incorporated into the theatre, allowing patrons to take their drinks with them into the auditoriums. With this new renovation, guests will be able to enjoy their drinks in the plush Living RoomTM Auditorium, as well as the upstairs auditoriums, which will retain their stadium-style leather lounge seating. Landmark consistently strives to deliver the best and most innovative amenities to compliment the terrific films they showcase.


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Today there is a much-anticipated public opening of the UK's very first Showcase Cinema de Lux - a concept set to redefine the UK cinema experience.

The new 12-screen Showcase Cinema de Lux in Derby's Westfield shopping center was created by National Amusements, a world leader in the exhibition industry, under the leadership of company president Shari Redstone.

With the Cinema de Lux concept, Ms. Redstone, whose company operates more than 1,500 screens in the US, UK, Latin America and Russia, wanted to take movie-going to a whole new level of luxury, comfort and service.

"Since the opening of our first UK Showcase location in Nottingham, England, nearly 20 years ago, National Amusements has focused on providing our United Kingdom guests with the best in service and entertainment," said Ms Redstone.

"We are proud now to offer the City of Derby the ultimate cinema-going experience at our luxurious Showcase Cinema de Lux. Our emphasis on customer service, the lush décor, great food and other igh-end amenities will provide the best overall entertainment experience for the entire family to enjoy, before, during and after the movie."

The theater is fitted with approximately 2,000 custom-designed, deep-cushioned rocking recliner seats in 10 of the stadium-style auditoria. With a capacity of more than 500, Screen 7 is the largest cinema auditorium in the UK's East Midlands region, which includes cities such as Nottingham, Leicester and Derby.

The remaining two auditoria - Screens 5 & 6 - are the unique Director's Halls, which are fitted with luxurious Ultra Leather love seats.

Patrons who purchase Director's Hall tickets also have exclusive access to the Director's Lounge, offering a luxury club atmosphere where guests can enjoy restaurant-quality food and signature cocktails. And they can order food to eat while they enjoy watching the film, with a menu ranging from Cajun chicken skewers to chocolate fudge cake.

Patrons with standard tickets also have access to an impressive menu of international restaurant cuisine and full bar service featuring specialty cocktails in Studio One, National Amusements' new restaurant concept located off the cinema's spacious main lobby.

The lobby contains a 30-metre concessions stand selling soft drinks, popcorn and hot dogs, as well as an "Elite Services" desk, where a concierge will be able to respond to almost any need - from booking a guest's preferred Director's Hall seat to ordering a taxi.

The cinema offers the latest digital projection capabilities including state-of-the-art sound and digital 3D sreening capability, as well as dozens of LCD screens installed throughout the lobby areas, displaying show time information, film trailers and other programming.

The focus on technology extends to the advanced method of ticket booking possible at Cinema de Lux. For the first time in Derby, cinema-goers will be able to go online to not only select their preferred seat in the auditorium, but to also print their ticket at home.


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