In Zabou Breitman's French drama, a new acquaintance challenges existing social mores

The Man of My Life (L'homme De Sa Vie)

on September 21, 2007 by Ed Scheid
Frederic (Bernard Campan) is happily married to Frederique (Lea Drucker) and devoted to their young son. At the start of their annual vacation in the idyllic French countryside, Frederic and Frederique invite their new neighbor Hugo (Charles Berling) to join their family and friends for dinner. Trying to shock, Hugo quickly announces that he's gay, and, unlike Frederic, Hugo does not believe in a lasting relationship. But, although very different, the two men develop a friendly rapport, and Hugo's frankness causes Frederic to reassess his comfortable life.

Director Zabou Breitman, who co-wrote the screenplay, maintains intrigue by regularly cutting back to scenes from the overnight conversation between Frederic and Hugo, adding new insights to the growing friendship. Meanwhile, Campan, Berling and Drucker impressively bring out the psychological nuances of their characters' shifting feelings toward each other. Like the mistral wind blowing through the summer house, the new acquaintance causes seemingly stable relationships to unravel.
Distriburor: Strand
Cast: Bernard Campan, Charles Berling and Lea Drucker
Director: Zabou Breitman  
Screenwriters: Zabou Breitman and Agnes de Sacy
Producer: Philippe Godeau
Genre: Drama; French-language, subtitled
Rating: Unrated
Running time: 114 min.
Release date: September 21, 2007 NY
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