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On the Doll

on October 12, 2007 by Randy Webb

Thomas Mignone, who has a rep in the music video world, brought his first feature length script to the screen as a dark trio of intersecting stories from the sexual margins. An ensemble piece is ambitious for a first effort and Mignone pulls it off fairly well. While it will suffer in comparison to a Crash or Babel the stories do make sense and pull you into them. There are some uneven places but the pacing carries the film through them.

It’s hard to tell about the plot without giving spoilers. The tale is a cautionary one in the shadowy world of so-called victimless crimes and doesn’t offer much redemption with the exception (somewhat expected) of the slightly too angelic lead, a sex worker apparently strong enough to control her own destiny, and the (oddly) honorable act of the gangster at the center of the business. Finally, the device that pulls the three plot lines together at the end, though clever, seems a little contrived.

The post production technical work was hard against the Austin deadlines so it looks like there is some color correction to do, but the camera work has real class. Nicole Hirsch Whittaker has done a considerable amount of fine work in this single camera movie. Thomas has worked with her on a few of his videos and she was a good choice for this project.

This is not a family film and not likely to make “a theatre near you.” If it gets a distribution deal you’ll have to look for it. As hard as the topic is, this one is a little less bleak than many small indies, and it’s put together in interesting ways.

Distributor Media Distributors
Starring Brittany Snow, Josh Janowicz, Paul Ben-Victor, Eddie Jemison
Director Thomas Mignone
Screenwriter Thomas Mignone
Producer Jeff Most
Rating NR
Run Time 102 min
Release Date Oct 12, 2007 Austin Film Festival

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