Weirder things have not happened


on October 19, 2007 by Richard Mowe

Canadian director Allan Moyle undeniably has developed an enthusiastic cult following from such films as Pump Up the Volume and Empire Records. His latest outing, the hilarious tale of two amiable losers caught up in a night of relentlessly absurd circumstances, will work the same trick. Fuelled by break-neck energy, exquisite comic timing and endless visual tricks, Weirdsville delivers huge helpings of its own chaotic brand of charm.

Dexter (Scott Speedman, Underworld: Evolution) and Royce (Wes Bentley, Ghost Rider) owe a lot of money—much more than they have—to their drug dealer, who has a penchant for cutting off thumbs. They have only one night to get the loot, so the pair agrees to clear the debt by selling off some stock on his behalf. That means Royce, Dexter and their prostitute friend Matilda (Taryn Manning, Hustle & Flow) have the stuff in their possession, however, and, as has become obvious, self-discipline is hardly their collective strong point.

But rather than just being involved in the double act’s desperate attempts to find the money and escape harm, Weirdsville careers off into gloriously silly and surreal territory. When poor Matilda dies of an overdose, her unfortunate demise sparks a series of bizarre encounters involving Satan worshippers, an unintentional resurrection, the theft of a millionaire's safe, a dwarf security guard, a stoned house-sitter and a group of Medieval battle re-enactors.

Throughout, Moyle and scriptwriter Willem Wennekers balance the broader comic moments with just enough reality to prevent it all from becoming totally ridiculous. And the relationship between Dexter and Royce is played out neatly by Speedman and Bentley, who possess huge reserves of comic invention.

Distributor: Magnolia
Cast: Wes Bentley, Scott Speedman, Taryn Manning, Greg Bryk and Matt Frewer
Director: Allan Moyle
Screenwriter: Willem Wennekers
Producer: Nicholas D. Tabarrok
Genre: Horror comedy
Rating: R for drug content, language including sexual references and some violence
Running time: 90 min.
Release date: October 19, 2007 ltd.

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