In this case Less is less

10 Items Or Less

on December 01, 2006 by Kevin Courrier
Director Brad Siberling ( Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events ) tries for a small character comedy that contrasts a veteran actor (Morgan Freeman) with a feisty young supermarket cashier (Paz Vega) with whom he crosses paths in Los Angeles while researching a role for a low-budget film. When he gets stranded, the cashier agrees to drive him home once she attends to some errands along the way. During their drive, Freeman's character imparts life lessons that this bright clerk could very likely have figured out on her own. This paper-thin premise gives pleasures that are so minimal the actors barely break a sweat. As a result, the picture comes across as a genial vanity production highlighting the suaveness of Freeman (who also serves as executive producer). 10 Items or Less operates under the false assumption that less is more. Distributor: ThinkFilm
Cast: Morgan Freeman, Paz Vega and Bobby Cannavale
Director/Screenwriter: Brad Siberling
Producers: Lori McCreary, Julie Lynn and Brad Siberling
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Rated R for language
Running time: 82 min.
Release date: December 1, 2006 ltd.
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