30 Days

on September 15, 2000 by Christine James
Our first introduction to single, thirtysomething Jordan Trainer (Ben Shenkman) finds him charming his way into one meaningless conquest's bed, then forgetting the name of another one night stand who approaches him while he's on a blind date. Thus, "30 Days," about an average Joe's plight to find romance--and himself--in an emotionally complex world, begins with the malodorous whiff of an Eric Schaeffer or Ed Burns-caliber ego-fest by depicting its underwhelming protagonist as a reluctant heartbreaker. It is a relief, then, that writer-helmer Aaron Harnick avoids the pitfalls of smug self-indulgence by a) not casting himself as the lead and b) eventually demonstrating that Jordan is a genuinely nice guy. It's not clear why he hangs out with slacker friends who undermine each other while struggling to make their uninspired Seinfeldian banter sound natural, nor why he would fall for a neurotic mess (Arija Bareikis) who's saddled with male-scripted exaggerations of cliché female peccadilloes. This film strives for realism over romanticism, sometimes weighing in with too much mundanity, but in the end a ray of hope shines even for the nerdiest of the gang, whose idea of courtship is performing the spoon-wiggling trick. Starring Ben Shenkman, Arija Bareikis and Bradley White. Directed and written by Aaron Harnick. Produced by Matthew Rego and Michael Rego. An Arrow release. Romantic comedy. Not yet rated. Running time: 87 min.
Tags: Starring Ben Shenkman, Arija Bareikis, Bradley White. Directed and written by Aaron Harnick Produced by Matthew Rego, Michael Rego, Arrow, Romantic comedy

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