301 302

on May 03, 1996 by S.L.
There is nothing standard about this film. Though not a perfect success, "301 302" is a startling tale of isolation and desperation, exquisitely rendered in stylish and striking design--an urban warning, a women's movie and a sick, one note joke all rolled into one darkly visual tale.
A policeman investigates the mysterious disappearance of a young female sex writer living in apartment 302 of a sleek, ultra-designed modern living complex for women. He questions the woman across the hall in 301. Thus the characters, who are never named, become simply the number of where they live. Told in a mish-mash of flashbacks, 301, a recently divorced woman with a fluctuating weight problem and a drive to be loved through her cooking, reveals the story of 302, an isolated anorexic woman who can't stand to eat anything. 301 pursues a friendship with her neighbor by, of course, offering her food, and becomes livid when 302 tosses the elaborately prepared dishes in the trash. 301 becomes determined to get food into 302, who is completely unable to force anything down. The mystery unfolds and the disturbances increase with every passing scene.
Director-producer Chul-Soo Park presents an engrossing and upsetting film with barely more than two characters, two rooms and a smorgasbord of food to tell Suk-Goon Lee's unique story. The performances are as sleek as the ultra-modern apartments the women live in. Eun-Jin Bang is especially compelling. But the food itself is the structural centerpiece of the film, alternately appetizing and painstakingly prepared and equally disgusting and frightening. Heed this advice: eat before this movie. You won't be hungry afterward. Starring Eun-Jin Bang and Sin-Hye Hwang. Written by Sun-Goon Lee. Directed by Chul-Soo Park. Produced by Chul-Soo Park. An Arrow Pictures release. Drama. Not Rated. Running time: 102 min.
Tags: Eun-Jin Bang, Sin-Hye Hwang, Chul-Soo Park, women, flashbacks, apartment, dark, urban, police, disappearance, sex, neighbors

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