A Hard Day's Night (1964)

on August 11, 1964 by BOXOFFICE Staff
The Beatles, the phenomenon of the modern-day music world, make their motion picture bow-after breaking all records in album sales and concert appearances in England, the U.S. and Australia-in a lively, noisy, singing, comedy/documentary film that will devastate their millions of adoring, screaming young fans (and that takes in the major part of today's moviegoing public). Many mature patrons will attend to see what the fuss is about-and the result is a sure-fire boxoffice smash. Produced by Walter Shenson in England from a screenplay by Alun Owen, this purports to be a fictional account of 36 hours in the hectic lives of the four shaggy-haired lads from Liverpool as they dash in and out of railways, through London streets and into a TV recording studio-always pursued by hordes of shrieking girls. In addition to singing eight numbers (The "Hard Day's Night" soundtrack is already a million-seller), of which the title tune and "Tell Me Why" are the catchiest, the four have individual comedy scenes in which they shine, the baby-faced Paul McCartney's bewilderment with his old grandfather, John Lennon's bubble-bath bit and the ugly Ringo Starr's adventures in the outside world being standout scenes. Directed by Richard Lester.

Naturally, the mere announcement of the Beatles' first picture is all that is needed to pack the theatre. Make music-shop tieups for displays of the "Hard Day's Night" soundtrack and for the earlier Beatles' albums, also all million-sellers. Local disc jockeys will play the Beatles' records and the radio plug for the film.

They're On The Screen At Last-The Liverpool Boys Who Made The World Beatle-Conscious...Four Singing Boys And A Dozen Lively Tunes. FLASHBACK: JULY 27, 1964
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