About Adam

on May 11, 2001 by Chris Wiegand
This unusual romantic comedy follows the fortunes of a large Irish family whose lives are turned upside-down by the arrival of a handsome stranger. It is a well-constructed film that has a plot reminiscent of Pasolini's "Theorem" and is set in modern-day Dublin.

Attractive waitress and occasional torch singer Lucy Owens ("Almost Famous'" Kate Hudson) can't believe her luck when she meets the mysterious Adam (Stuart Townsend). Adam is unlike any of Lucy's previous boyfriends and sweeps her off her feet with some admirably romantic moves. However, unbeknown to Lucy, various members of her family are also drawn to Adam, as he seems to offer each of them the particular kind of companionship that they need. He brings passion and poetry to the life of Lucy's repressed sister Laura (Frances O'Connor) and offers her other sister Alice (Charlotte Bradley) a new sense of danger and unpredictability that she no longer finds in her marriage. For David (Alan Maher), who lives in a house full of women, Adam is the brother that he never had. However, as the affections of each family member grow stronger, everyone is forced to accept some unpleasant truths about Adam.

Using a narrative structure similar to Doug Liman's "Go," "About Adam" is told from the point of view of each of the principal characters in turn so that it plays and replays a number of key scenes from different perspectives. This means that what at first seems to be a rather insubstantial romantic comedy gains an impressive amount of verve and variety as it unfolds. There is a certain charm to Stembridge's farcical film and this is primarily due to some impressive turns from a talented cast (especially Kate Hudson and Frances O'Connor, who make the most of their thinly drawn and rather stereotypical characters.) The film is only really let down by an unsatisfactory ending that may well leave a bad taste in the audience's mouth. Starring Stuart Townsend, Frances O'Connor, Charlotte Bradley and Kate Hudson. Directed and written by Gerard Stembridge. Produced by Anna Devlin and Marina Hughes. A Miramax release. Comedy. Rated R for language and sexuality. Running time: 97 min

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