Adultere, Mode D'emploi

on September 12, 1995 by Lael Lowenstein
A complicated blend of romantic psychodrama and thriller, "Adultery, A User's Guide" will likely be remembered for one particularly provocative and erotic scene that finds a married architect, Bruno (Vincent Cassel), living out a perverse sexual fantasy with a blindfolded stranger. Arguably, the scene does little to propel the narrative forward, but in both Sarasota and Toronto it left audiences hushed and mesmerized.
As they await the results of an important architectural competition, wife Fabienne (Karin Viard) and her husband Bruno find themselves working out their anxiety in promiscuous behavior--he with a stranger and she with their best friend, Simon (a sexually magnetic Richard Berry). But the problems of their infidelities are compounded when they find themselves embroiled in a drug smuggling scandal. Co-writer and director Christine Pascal throws in a few too many ingredients, but she makes a compelling case for the eternal differences between men and women, whereby one pursues sex while the other seeks love. Starring Karin Viard, Vincent Cassel and Richard Berry. Directed by Christine Pascal. Written by Christine Pascal and Robert Boner. Produced by Robert Boner. No distributor set. Drama. French-language; subtitled. Not yet rated. Running time: 105 min.
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