Batman (1966)

on July 30, 1966 by BOXOFFICE Staff
The incredible, incomparable adventures of that intrepid, invicible hero-Batman-and his inseparable, ingratiating aide-de-"camp"-Robin-while combating incorrigible, incurable criminals who concoct ingenious, infamous acts upon indefensible society, made such an instantaneous, indelible impression on innumerable, insatiable millions last January that Batmania has become a biweekly, intriguing, indispensable part of home entertainment. With such a pre-sold audience to draw on, it was inevitable that "Batman" should make his larger-than-life debut in DeLuxe Color. Instead of a single villain to grapple with, there are four, and the prop department at Fox has supplemented Batman's anti-crime arsenal with new Bat gadgets to combat their skulduggery, including a Batboat with a surface speed of a raging 90 knots, and special effects man L.B. Abbott creates some eye-popping illusions for the William Dozier production. Lorenzo Semple Jr., who developed the original video format for "Batman," includes all key characters from the TV series, and the same tongue-in-cheek approach to Batman's preposterous exploits is maintained by director Leslie H. Martinson. The film should make a mint for everybody. Starring Adam West, Burt Ward, Lee Meriwether, Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith and Frank Gorshin.

Hold a "Batmanship" contest to find two top hitters of local Little Leagues. Give Batman merchandise as prizes at a premiere. Run a Catwoman contest and award the junior miss with the best-kept nails a complete hand-care kit.

Batman Is Coming [or Has Arrived] at the [blank] Theatre. Bigger, Braver Than Ever On The Motion Picture Screen-In Color! FLASHBACK: AUGUST 1, 1966
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