on October 22, 1999 by Dwayne E. Leslie
"Why? I'm a scientist, that's why," is the response given for the reason behind genetically altering two bats to be smarter, more aggressive and omnivorous. And not just any bats, but the biggest in the world--Flying Foxes. And what better place to release them than Texas, a place that always boasts having the biggest and the best.
The research bats quickly spread the virus they carry amongst thousands of local bats, and soon the night belongs to the horde and nothing in their path is safe once night falls. The town's only hope of not being blown off the face of the earth by the panicked military lies with the town's sheriff ("The Bit Hit's" Lou Diamond Phillips) a zoologist ("Starship Troopers'" Dina Meyer) and her assistant ("Waiting to Exhale's" Leon), who team up to locate the bats' roost and annihilate them.
This is a very intense film once it gets past the preliminaries of introducing everyone. After the first attack, it's apparent how vicious the bats can be--so when the town ignores warnings to stay indoors, one can't help but cringe at what's coming. The film skillfully mixes in humor (thanks in great part to the straight-faced clich├ęd phrases and no-nonsense lines delivered by Leon) without undermining the tension. Starring Dina Meyer, Lou Diamond Phillips, Leon and Bob Gunton. Directed by Louis Morneau. Written by John Logan. Produced by Brad Jenkel and Louis Rosner. A Destination Films release. Horror. Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of bat attacks, and brief language. Running time: 91 mins.
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