Bedrooms And Hallways

on September 03, 1999 by Shlomo Schwartzberg
For her follow-up to "Go Fish," an indie hit about lesbian life, director Rose Troche has elected to stay within the gay milieu but has decided to emphasize farce over comedy. On both levels, she fails miserably.
Kenneth McKidd is Leo, the likable gay hero of the film, who is just about to turn 30. He doesn't want a fuss made about the milestone, but his friends, including platonic, gay, flamboyant roommate Darren (Tom Hollander) and best friend Angie (Jennifer Ehle), throw him a party anyway. Attending are the people who have become part of his circle in the previous year.
Troche is receiving undue credit for her nonchalant approach to her characters' sexuality; just because they're comfortably out doesn't make them interesting or disguise this movie's lack of imagination or wit.
The cast matches the movie by overacting as much as humanly possible, with the worst culprit being Hollander. But even McKidd, who was so fine as the doomed Tommy in "Trainspotting," is unrecognizably awful. Starring Kenneth McKidd, Hugo Weaving and Tom Hollander. Directed by Rose Troche. Written by Robert Farrar. Produced by Dorothy Berwin and Ceci Dempsy. A First Run release. Comedy. Unrated. Running time: 95 min.
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