on October 15, 1999 by Shlomo Schwartzberg
The sophomore effort from Canadian filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald ("The Hanging Garden") is a confused, amateurish docudrama that's as pointless as they come. "Beefcake" refers to the male models and bodybuilders whom Bob Mizer photographed in the '50s and featured in magazines that were thinly disguised paeans to homoeroticism. While Mizer's story, and his arrest on charges of sexual exploitation, are certainly of interest, Fitzgerald's take on the whole affair is hopelessly muddled. The film is a jumble of superficial interviews (with the likes of fitness guru Jack LaLanne and Warhol actor Joe Dallesandro), numerous photos from the period and stilted, very badly recreated scenes of Mizer (played by Daniel MacIvor in a one-note performance) and his stable of boys at work and play. Unlike the latter, however, the film lacks muscle. Starring Daniel MacIvor and Carroll Godsman. Written and directed by Thom Fitzgerald. Produced by Thom Fitzgerald and Shandi Mitchell. A Strand release. Drama. Not yet rated. Running time: 90 min.
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