Belphegor, Phantom Of The Louvre

on November 06, 2001 by Susan Green
A horror flick with a je ne sais quoi sensibility? Yup. "Belphegor, Phantom of the Louvre," action-packed yet oh-so-French, is a wickedly witty combination of "The Mummy," "Tomb Raider" and, say, Truffaut's "Day for Night." It's only at night that Lisa (Sophie Marceau), possessed by the devilish spirit of a long-dead Egyptian, glides into the Paris museum wearing a mask and pharaohesque black robes. On a quest for ancient artifacts, she/it kills anyone who gets in the way. When Lisa is a relatively normal young woman by day, electrician Martin (Frederic Diefenthal, a Daniel Auteuil type) woos her and worries about those infernal nocturnal activities.

At the Louvre, Julie Christie plays an Egyptologist investigating this archaeological phenomenon along with a retired detective (Michel Serrault). In a cameo, Juliette Greco (like the hyperactive mummy, a blast from the past) appears as docent. Directed by the exotically-named Jean-Paul Salome, "Belphegor" is lots of antic fun. Starring Sophie Marceau, Julie Christie, Michel Serrault, Frederic Diefenthal and Juliette Greco. Directed by Jean-Paul Salome. Written by Jerome Tonnerre, Danielle Thompson and Jean-Paul Salome. Produced by Alain Sarde. No distributor set. Horror/romance. French-language; subtitled. Not yet rated. Running time: 92 min.

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