Blind Spot

on November 09, 2003 by Susan Green
While viewing the almost unwatchable "Blind Spot," it's not hard to understand why James Franco was tapped to portray James Dean in the TNT television biography last year. As a confused, skittery 17-year-old in writer/director Stephan Woloszczuk's theatrical feature debut, the young actor comes across as a convincing rebel without a cause on a giant, albeit nonsensical, odyssey that veers way east of Eden.

Franco has the role of Danny, a Southern California prep school student just discovering his gay sexual identity thanks to a wild weekend with the mysterious Darcy--whose face is never seen, for no apparent reason. When Darcy disappears with Danny's money and ID, the naïve teenager begins an exhausting search for him in the company of the missing man's suicidal girlfriend (Morgan Margolis) and a snarling thief (Ike Gingrich) involved in some labyrinthine scheme to export super-weapons for a bunch of interchangeable thugs. While endlessly lurching through Death Valley and San Francisco, "Blind Spot" lacks a coherent vision. Starring James Franco, Ike Gingrich and Morgan Margolis. Directed, written and produced by Stephan Woloszczuk. No distributor set. Drama. Not yet rated. Running time: 91 min.

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