Boat Trip

on March 21, 2003 by Paul Clinton
In “Boat Trip,” pals Jerry (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Nick (Horatio Sanz) sign up for a singles cruise in a scheme to meet hotties. But when they anger the travel agent's significant other, he books them onto a gay Love Boat. The two then spend the remainder of the movie fending off advances from male suitors. Along the way, they goose the movie with stale slapstick and predictable, raunchy sight gags (usually involving a banana).

As in the “Some Like It Hot” model, the men pose as femmes to get the girl. Jerry chases Gabriela (Roselyn Sanchez), a ship dance instructor. Nick's prayers are answered when the boat runs across and rescues a Swedish bikini tanning team.

Not surprisingly, “Boat Trip” ends up with the straight men gaining a greater appreciation of the gay lifestyle.

Gooding, whose career clearly has fallen off the Hollywood map, prances around the boat in his hyped-up comic style and, during a cruise musical number, lip-synchs “I'm Coming Out” dressed as a Vegas showgirl. Roger Moore, as a self-described “hard-partying old queen,” shows up in a mildly amusing Bond-esque mode. Starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Horatio Sanz and Vivica A. Fox. Directed by Mort Nathan. Written by William Bigelow and Mort Nathan. Produced by Andrew Sugarman. An Artisan release. Comedy. Rated R for strong sexual content, language and some drug material. Running time: 93 min

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