on January 11, 2003 by Susan Green
Ireland's never-ending Troubles have frequently been examined through a cinematic lens. Writer/director Marion Comer's "Boxed" focuses on a topic John Ford tackled in his 1935 classic, "The Informer." A contemporary IRA operative in the North who squeals is not the chief concern of her low-budget drama, however. She's after bigger game: the Catholic Church.

Young, idealistic Father Brendan (Tom Jordan Murphy) is kidnapped by a band of "terrorists." When they insist he offer last confession to a comrade suspected of betrayal, the priest locks himself in a room with the doomed man. The group's schisms--agnostics versus believers, for instance--surface, as they debate whether to kill the cleric along with the informer. Brendan's superior, Father Moran (Jim Norton), tries to resolve the dilemma, despite harboring a few awful secrets. While audiences outside the Emerald Isle might not grasp all the political nuances, it's a taut, beautifully acted and familiar tragedy. Starring Tom Jordan Murphy, Jim Norton, Darragh Kelly, Catherine Cusack, Eanna Mac Liam and Brendan Mackay. Directed and written by Marion Comer. Produced by Laurence Penn, Lene Bausager and Douglas Graham. No distributor set. Drama. Not yet rated. Running time: 72 min

Tags: Tom Jordan Murphy, Jim Norton, Darragh Kelly, Catherine Cusack, Eanna Mac Liam, Brendan Mackay, Marion Comer, Laurence Penn, Lene Bausager, Douglas Graham, Drama

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