on February 14, 1997 by Lea Russo
In their contemporary take on gay romance, writer/directors Neil Hunter and Tom Hunsinger explore the turbulent relationships of three very different couples who spend Easter weekend in the country together. After four "good" years and a bad one, Paul (James Dreyfus) and Ben (Mark Sands) are on the verge of separating; Matt (Michael Unwin) and Owen (Andrew Ableson) are deciding whether to live together after a three-month relationship; and Will (David Coffey) and Adam (Darren Petrucci) share a past and a one-night stand.
"Boyfriends" suffers from too many soap-opera-like subplots that seem set up to create tension, rather than develop the characters or shed light on the relationships. As a result, the film feels contrived, trying to sustain our interest with unscrupulous liaisons. There are moments of true insight, but they're undermined by the melodrama. Starring James Dreyfus, Michael Unwin, David Coffey, Mark Sands, Andrew Ableson, Darren Petrucci and Michael McGrath. Directed, written and produced by Neil Hunter and Tom Hunsinger. A First Run release. Comedy. Unrated. Running time: 85 min.
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