Britney, Baby, One More Time

on January 31, 2002 by Susan Green
Cult-hit status might await "Britney Baby--One More Time," Ludi Boeken's silly but endearing yarn about filmmaker wannabes and a gay Britney Spears impersonator who worships the nubile pop star. The scheming Dude Schmitz ("American Movie" subject Mark Borchardt) and his dim-bulb brother Mike (Mikel Schank) are trying to raise money for a new low-budget epic. Their last opus, "Blood Head," supposedly won a prize at the Venice festival. Unable to finesse an interview with the real singer for a Milwaukee TV station, the siblings and two crew members instead recruit the next best thing: Robert (a sure-footed Angel Benton), who bears a remarkable resemblance to the "Oops, I Did It Again" entertainer. On a long trip to New Orleans with many wacky adventures, Dude secretly edits video footage of Robert in provocative pubescent outfits because he hopes to pass the celebrity profile off as a genuine exclusive. The plan goes haywire, of course, but in a very sweet way. Starring Mark Borchardt, Mikel Schank, Angel Benton, Shannon Walker Williams, Frank Potter, Karl Makinen and Gina Torrecilla. Directed by Ludi Boeken. Written by Jonathan Bourne. Produced by Eugene Rosow and Eric Dussart. No distributor set. Comedy. Not yet rated. Running time: 83 min.
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