Cannibal! The Musical

on March 06, 1999 by Steve Schneider
Before their gross-out vision was the stuff of megabucks merchandising, "South Park" co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone announced their agenda to the world with this cheerily violent 1996 romp through the hinterlands. Told predominantly in flashback, it's the tale of Alfred Packer (Parker), an 1870s adventurer who inadvertently turns an expedition to the Colorado Territory into a flesh-eating fight for survival.
"Park" devotees will appreciate the familiar bloody slapstick and bursts of comedic rage, although it's somewhat disappointing to learn how narrow the duo's oeuvre actually is. The real revelation is the score, a collection of infectious ditties whose stageworthy melodicism is matched only by their lyrical incongruity (one has Parker boasting of owning a heart "as big as a baked potato," then lapsing into Yiddish for no apparent reason). Starring Trey Parker, Toddy Walters and Matt Stone. Directed and written by Trey Parker. Produced by Alexandra Kelly, Ian Hardin, Jason McHugh, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. A Troma release. Musical. Not rated. Running time: 86 min.
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