Chairman Of The Board

on March 13, 1998 by Dale Winogura
   Crammed with clever, imaginative comedy ideas, "Chairman of the Board" unfortunately exhausts itself with the incessant hammering of mild gross-out gags and noisy, frantic activity.
   Like a more manic, over-the-top Jerry Lewis, Carrot Top doesn't take a breather as a beach bum who suddenly inherits the ownership of a huge corporation where his scatterbrained inventions make him even richer. But a sneaky employee (played with more effectively contained madness by Larry Miller) schemes to destroy him and take over the company; as his main partner in crime, Raquel Welch has terrific comic timing.
   The nonstop pace and elaborate visual creativity of Alex Zamm's direction have some of the inspired cartoon-like lunacy of Frank Tashlin's classic 1950s comedies, but without the polished, professional sheen that would transform a passable farce into a good one.    Starring Carrot Top, Larry Miller and Raquel Welch. Directed by Alex Zamm. Written by Al Septien, Tori Meyer and Alex Zamm. Produced by Peter M. Lenkov and Rupert Harvey. A Trimark release. Comedy. Rated PG-13 for crude and sex-related humor and language. Running time: 93 min.
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