Chicago Cab

on September 11, 1998 by David Frazier
   Christmas Eve in the Windy City. A taxi driver (Paul Dillon) goes about his daily routine of picking up customers and shuttling them to their destinations. Each passenger has a story to tell, and the cab driver serves as a psychiatrist, listening to the person's, couple's, family's or group's woes. Sometimes he is able to help them, and sometimes he needs help. Some people fight; others have a deeper story to tell. In any case, the antics are supposed to be insightful and/or humorous, but instead are implausible and tend to drag on. Aside from being far-fetched, "Chicago Cab" has no interesting characters (despite a talented cast), and as a result quickly runs out of fuel. Starring Paul Dillon, Gillian Anderson, John Cusack and Julianne Moore. Directed by Mary Cybulski and John Tintori. Written by Will Kern. Produced by Suzanne De Walt, Paul Dillon and Jamie Gordon. A Castle Hill release. Comedy/drama. Running time: 93 min
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