Cinerama Adventure

on August 30, 2002 by Ed Scheid
Cinerama Adventure” is a well-researched documentary on Cinerama, the motion picture process filmed with three cameras and exhibited with three projectors. The wide screen, curved like the eye retina, gave the sense of peripheral vision. Extensive interviews describe different aspects of the Cinerama productions as well as the effect of the new process on the film industry.

The first feature was “This is Cinerama,” a 1952 travelogue. Wide-screen sequences like a roller-coaster ride gave the audience a heightened sense of reality. While playing at only one New York theatre, the film became the year's top grosser.

Debbie Reynolds and Carroll Baker talk about the unique challenge of acting for the three-camera process in “How the West Was Won” (1962), the last feature in the three-screen Cinerama format. Scenes from Cinerama films were digitally altered and curved to simulate the Cinerama viewing experience in the documentary. This “Adventure” is an entertaining and informative look at a special motion picture experience Directed and written by David Strohmaier. Produced by Randy Gitsch. No distributor set. Documentary. Not yet rated. Running time: 99 min.

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