on May 31, 2006 by Annlee Ellingson
   Sonny (Timothy Olyphant) quietly slips into his hometown on the coast of Florida after a stint in prison. His dad, although he still loves his son unconditionally, seems disappointed that he's an ex con. His best friend Dave (Josh Brolin) now is a cop and a family man, married to Sonny's old crush Ann (Sarah Wynter). And the crime lords for whom he took the fall are reluctant to cut him his share and leave it at that, planting a bomb in his childhood home that kills his dad.

   Homeless and in shock after barely escaping the blast, Sonny commences an affair with Sarah, who nurses him back to health. Bored with her predictable domestic life, Sarah yearns for her youth, when she, Sonny and Dave palled around without a care in the world. Dave, meanwhile, is frustrated with the local law enforcement's reactionary attitude. He intercedes in Sonny's plot for revenge, playing a proactive, if unlawfully implicative role.

   Young, beautiful and sultry in the southern humidity, Olyphant, Brolin and Wynter share a chemistry that implies lifelong love and affection and imparts plausibility to their motivations and actions, even at the film's end, when the ultimate act of betrayal is forgiven. Each of these characters is guilty of a profound misdeed, but through their offenses, they forge a new beginning.

   Integral to the plot of "Coastlines" is its setting--indeed articulated in the very title. Director/writer/producer Victor Nunez ("Ruby in Paradise," "Ulee's Gold") has paced his film at the same leisurely tempo as life along the Florida coast, instilling a hypnotic lull that makes the explosion of Sonny's house all the more startling. Cinematographer Virgin Mirano's golden hues further emulate the illumined environment.    Starring Timothy Olyphant, Josh Brolin, Sarah Wynter, William Forsythe, Josh Lucas, Angela Bettis, Scott Wilson and Robert Wisdom. Directed and written by Victor Nunez. Produced by Jody Allen Patton and Victor Nunez. No distributor set. Drama. Not yet rated. Running time: 119 min.

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