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Judging by the talents she displays in this action drama, Pam Grier might yet emerge as the first black female superstar in today's market. Miss Grier is a capable and good-looking performer who averages two or three nude scenes per film. She won't let her fans down here and will pick up some of the devotees of kung fu features via her athletic prowess in a long fight scene with several girls. As written and directed by Jack Hill, "Coffy" is reminiscent of the first "Ginger" epic and undoubtedly will turn into a series that should rival the Cheri Caffaro starrers as grosses. Produced by Robert A. Papazian, the Samuel Z. Arkoff presentation casts Miss Grier as an avenging angel who takes lives as casually as she saves them. (She kills every member of a dope-pushing gang that turned her sister into an addict, besides her time moonlighting as a nurse.) There is a good deal of nudity and violence, but oddly enough little sex or gore. The cast is a good one and includes accomplished black actors Robert DoQui and William Elliott and stunt coordinator/actor Bob Minor; the whites are led by Allan Arbus (of "Greaser's Palace") and Sid Haig (from the Filipino action film). Lisa Farringer, formerly the Whoopee Girl on TV's "Laugh-In," has a nude bit. Movielab Color.


Tie in with the songs, available on Polydor Records: "Coffy Baby," "King George," "Shining Symbol." Tie in with Coffee shops and restaurants.


She's the Godmother of Harlem--and She'll Cream You...The Baddest One-Chick Hit Squad That Ever Hit Town.

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