on October 27, 1995 by Pat Kramer
   In this grippingly suspenseful thriller, Oscar winner Holly Hunter stars opposite Sigourney Weaver as the two unite against a "Seven"-like serial killer who's been copycatting infamous murders.
   Not a movie for the weak-willed, "Copycat" overflows with footage of bloodied women's bodies (perhaps more than is necessary) to create the repulsion and fear that comes with a mass murderer on the loose. But, as a thriller, the story lives up to its name, taking the viewer on an intense ride with many fast turns.    Starring Holly Hunter and Sigourney Weaver. Directed by Jon Amiel. Written by Ann Biderman and Jay Presson Allen. Produced by Arnon Milchan and Mark Tarlov. A Warner Bros. release. Drama. Rated R for violence and language. Running time: 123 min.
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