on December 06, 1996 by Pat Kramer
With each film Sylvester Stallone does, the special effects get better, and the stunts more dramatic. If what you enjoy is a action-packed film reminiscent of "The Poseidon Adventure," where the stuntpeople outnumber the actors and where dramatic music and camera angles outweigh the strength of the plot, then "Daylight" is for you!
   In the latest of Stallone's blockbuster action pics, an underwater commuter tunnel in New York is the scene of a horrific explosion which traps several survivors in its depths. As poisonous gas, fire and freezing water begin to close in on them, a cab driver named Kit Latura (Stallone) rushes forward to attempt the impossible. But he's no ordinary cab driver at all--he's the former head of Emergency Medical Services, who knows this tunnel inside out from a disaster drill he conducted while still in charge. By saving the survivors, he hopes to redeem himself from a past mistake that cost precious lives.
   The plot is predictable: After barely surviving being pureed by an industrial sized fan (one of the more exciting scenes in the film) Latura is confronted by the angry mob who distrust him and don't want his help. They've already put their trust in the charming but "too cocky for his own good" daredevil Roy Nord, played by Viggo Mortensen (Crimson Tide). When Nord gets buried beneath tons of collapsed steel, all hell breaks loose and Kit must prove to the unruly crowd--and himself--that he can get them out of the tunnel.
   The supporting casts provide some colorful moments with Amy Brenneman ("Fear")'s character, Madelyne, exhibiting strength and courage not only in her role but also in the stunts she performs in the film. Other notables who add a depth of character to their roles are Vanessa Bell Calloway ("Crimson Tide") as Grace, the Tunnel and Bridge Authority spokesperson, and Claire Bloom ("Richard III") as wealthy matron Mrs. Trilling. Sly's son, Sage Stallone, has a small role as one of the survivors. "Daylight's" special effects are complex and amazing, with Industrial Light & Magic (known for their jaw-dropping effects in "Twister" and "Jurassic Park") helping out on the film's grandiose explosions. Despite these credits, the film seems formulated for mass appeal and leaves little to the imagination. Starring Sylvester Stallone. Directed by Rob Cohen. Produced by John Davis, Joseph M. Singer and David T. Friendly. Written by Leslie Bohem. A Universal Pictures Release. Action/Drama. Rated PG. Running time: 114 minutes.
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