Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

on December 10, 1999 by Dwayne E. Leslie
Aquarium cleaner Deuce Bigalow ("Big Daddy's" Rob Schneider) needs just one thing to live happily: a place to live for him and his fish. He gets a dream gig housesitting the opulent pad of a gigolo, but he soon shatters the blissful set-up--along with a $6,000, custom-made fish tank. To raise the money, Deuce adopts the profession of his absentee host, enlisting the assistance of a pimp (Eddie Griffin from UPN's "Malcolm & Eddie") to give him a male prostitute makeover.
   Various handicaps, physical oddities and mental dysfunctions are the basis of most of the humor as Deuce is forced to bed morbidly obese, Tourettes-afflicted and prosthetic-legged clients. The utterly un-PC visual gags and verbal abuse will have some laughing uncontrollably while others will take offense at the subject matter parodied. Aside from poking fun at personal faults, the film does have plenty of humor, but it loses steam in the end, undermining initially amusing gags by repeating them, though Griffin's hot tub scenes do get better each time. Starring Rob Schneider, Oded Fehr, Eddie Griffin, Arija Bareikis and William Forsythe. Directed by Mike Mitchell. Written by Harris Goldberg and Rob Schneider. Produced by Sid Ganis and Barry Bernardi. A Buena Vista release. Comedy. Rated R for sexual content, language and crude humor. Running time: 89 min
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