Diabolique (1956)

on March 03, 1956 by BOXOFFICE Staff
One of the outstanding mystery shockers of recent years, this French-language picture is certain to receive critical praise and strong word-of-mouth that will make it one of the top French imports. A "natural" for art houses, it might even be booked in a few key city spots that ordinarily do not play class product. The schedule showings, with no one admitted after the picture has started, is a good selling point to intrigue patrons and should be followed generally, as it is in its New York run. However, because the film deals with illicit love and carefully planned murder, it's strictly adult fare.
   Produced and directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot, whose "Wages of Fear" was the best French thriller shown in the U.S. in 1955, this extraordinarily clever and ghoulish picture builds its suspense so magnificently that the final half-hour will keep most spectators on the edges of their seats. The surprise climax is truly a frightening one. Clouzot, whose two recent pictures put him in a class with Alfred Hitchcock, uses every trick to shock his audience and he gets fine performances from his wife, Vera Clouzot, as the timid wife of a cruel and unfaithful schoolmaster, and Simone Signoret, as the man's calculating mistress.

The Film That Received The French Film Critics' Award... Guaranteed To Shock And Thrill You...A Tour De Force In Terror-Promise Not To Reveal The Surprise Ending.

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