Dill Scallion

on January 25, 1999 by Cathy Thompson-Georges
   What hath "Spinal Tap" wrought? It seems that you can't make a movie about a band aspiring to break into the big time without shooting it in a mock documentary format. "Fear of a Black Hat" did it for rap music, and now "Dill Scallion" takes on the country industry.
   "Dill Scallion" isn't a "Spinal Tap" clone; it's a lot sweeter-natured, for one thing. Dim bulb Dill (Billy Burke) is a not-terribly-talented country wannabe who parlays a trip to Nashville into a fluke shot at stardom. Along the way he acquires a huge ego, a conniving girlfriend (Lauren Graham), and possibly permanent foot injuries from doing his signature dance, the Scallion Shuffle. Burke makes Dill a lovable lug, and the film abounds in clever touches and blink-and-you-miss-'em celebrity cameos. Don't expect anything you haven't seen before from "Dill Scallion"; there's no new ground here. But it's a pleasant trip to familiar territory.    Starring Billy Burke and Henry Winkler. Directed and written by Jordan Brady. Produced by Jennifer Amerine. No distributor set. Comedy. Not yet rated. Running time: 107 min.
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