Doug's 1st Movie

on March 26, 1999 by Dwayne E. Leslie
Based on the animated television series "Doug," "Doug's 1st Movie" is, as the title indicates, the bigscreen debut of creators Jim Jinkins and David Campbell's affable eponymous 12-year-old. Doug (voiced by Thomas McHugh) and his friend Skeeter (Fred Newman) find out that the lake around the city is being polluted by an industry tycoon, Mr. Bluff (Doug Preis); their proof comes in the form of an innocent, friendly monster they name Herman Melville (Frank Welker). At the same time, Doug's secret crush, Patti (Constance Shulman), becomes the romantic target of an upperclassman named Guy (Guy Hadley), who teams up with her to put on the school's Valentine's Day dance. Doug has to choose between saving the monster and winning over Patti.
   As is often the case when a TV show is brought to the bigscreen, Doug's theatrical translation is nothing more than a regular half-hour episode stretched to fill as much time as it could. But by lengthening the story, all of the gags and usual pranks have become darker and meaner. Some of the younger patrons will leave liking a few select parts of the film, particularly the monster, but the rest will most enjoy the time they spent running up and down the aisle. Voiced by Thomas McHugh, Fred Newman, Constance Shulman, Guy Hadley, Doug Preis and Chris Phillips. Directed by Maurice Joyce. Written by Ken Scarborough. Produced by Jack Spillum. A Buena Vista release. Rated G. Running time: 79 min
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