Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde

on August 25, 1995 by Sean O'Neill
   This tragic waste of celluloid must ostensibly be labeled a comedy, but it's more of a bomb-edy: Few films in recent memory offer fewer laughs. Director David Price (who also receives a story credit) puts an ingenuous as opposed to ingenious spin on Robert Louis Ste-venson's classic story that has Tim Daly ("Denise Calls Up") as a latter-day Jekyll adding estrogen to his famous fore-father's formula to offset its aggressive effects. When the transformation occurs, he becomes a woman. In the right hands, this premise a macho man must face his feminine side might prove worthy, but Price is happy with offensive sitcom stereotypes. In this tale, Jekyll works at a perfume company, but "Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde" is the worst kind of aromatic cinematic: It stinks.    Starring Sean Young and Tim Daly. Directed by David Price. Written by Tim John & Oliver Butcher and William Davies & William Osbourne. Produced by Robert Shapiro and Jerry Leider. A Savoy release. Comedy. Rated PG-13 for crude sex-related scenes and humor, nudity and brief strong language. Running time: 90 min.
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