Dr. No (1963)

on May 08, 1963 by BOXOFFICE Staff

   A murder-mystery adventure with a science-fiction angle, plus oodles of sex appeal, the first Ian Fleming novel to reach the screen has its ready-made audience of paperback readers to ensure strong boxoffice. As produced by Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli and directed by Terence Young in a delightfully tongue-in-cheek style, the picture is often as unbelievable as a Superman comic strip but is always fast moving and thoroughly entertaining. Sean Connery, the ruggedly handsome British actor who is currently getting a big U.S. buildup from United Artists, is well cast as Secret Service operative James Bond, and his popularity with the ladies should increase with each new Fleming film. For the males, the lovely Ursula Andress is a blonde eyeful, especially in her bikini, and Zena Marshall and other beauties also become momentarily entangled with Connery. And the fantastic escapes, fistic encounters and gunplay in the screenplay by Richar Maibaum, Johanna Harwood and Berkley Mather will thrill the action fans and the youngsters. Joseph Wiseman is effective as the inscrutable villain, Dr. No, and Jack Lord plays an American C.I.A. agent.

Ian Fleming's James Bond mystery novels are among the top paperback sellers, so a bookshop tieup for displays of "Dr. No" and the other Fleming novels is a natural to attract mystery fans.
The First James Bond Film Adventure...James Bond, Who Has A License To Kill When He Chooses And Where He Chooses...Meet The Most Extraordinary Gentleman Spy In All Fiction, James Bond, Agent 007. FLASHBACK: APRIL 1, 1963
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