on March 15, 1996 by Dwayne E. Leslie
Jack "Deuce" Cooper (Matt LeBlanc from the TV sitcom "Friends") is a rookie minor-league pitcher with a 125 mph fastball--but it's fading. With the help of new third baseman Ed Sullivan, however, not only Jack's career but his personal life are about to be rejuvenated. There's one problem: Ed is a chimpanzee. Very intelligent and able, Jack can do anything as well as a human (except talk).
In the past, family baseball movies with a fantasy twist have done good business (witness both versions of "Angels in the Outfield") at the theatre and at the video counter, but "Ed" isn't likely to be a winner at either. In these days of digital wonder, even children are likely to be savvy enough to wonder why a little person in a monkey suit is cavorting onscreen here. Only at matinee showings for tykes is "Ed" likely to hold that very young audience in their seats.
Director Bill Couturie (whose c.v. includes the critically acclaimed documentary "Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt") isn't successful in making the transition to fiction filmmaking. David Mickey Evans' script had a number of components that could have added up to a memorable movie, but in its final silver-screen version the mighty "Ed" has struck out. Starring Matt LeBlanc, Jack Warden and Jayne Brook. Directed by Bill Couturie. Written by David Mickey Evans, Ken Richards and Janus Cercone. Produced by Rosalie Swedlin. A Universal release. Comedy. Rated PG for language, crude humor and brief mild violence. Running time: 95 min
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