Eight Days A Week

on February 26, 1999 by Jon Alon Walz
Peter (Joshua Schaefer) has long been in love with Erica (Keri Russell)--or maybe in lust. As his neighbor, she has been an unavoidable presence for years, but he's been too shy to make any move; in her eyes, he's sort of blended into the neighborhood environment, like a shrub or a fence.
   One summer, everything changes. Taking advice from his crazy uncle, Peter vows to spend every second under Erica's balcony professing his love until she becomes his.
   Writer/director Michael Davis has made a sweet if unexceptional film, chockful of true moments of teenage angst and romance. Where it fails is in trying too hard to tell a Romeo and Juliet story using the comic sensibilities of an average TV sitcom. The writing needs more sharpness, and the situations need more unexpectedness and fun. And that's a shame, because "Eight Days a Week" has a potential to be a smart, engaging romance in a Cameron Crowe vein. But the lovely Russell, whose subsequent breakthrough role as the title character in TV's teen angst serial "Felicity" likely sparked the release of this film two years after it was shot, is perfectly cast as the goddess, and she carries her role above the material. Starring Keri Russell, Joshua Schaefer and R.D. Robb. Directed and written by Michael Davis. Produced by Martin Cutler, Gary Preisler and Michael Davis. A Legacy release. Comedy/drama. Rated R for strong sexual content and related dialogue. Running time: 90 min.
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