After four years on the shelf, this festival-reviewed moc doc finally sees the light of a projector

Ever Since The World Ended

on April 21, 2001 by Susan Green
It's The Blair Witch Project with brains and a social conscience. Nominally futuristic, Ever Since the World Ended is more frightening because the science fiction has a firmer hold on reality. Jointly directed by two 31-year-old California filmmakers, Joshua Atesh Litle and screenwriter Calum Grant, this chilling mockumentary begins 12 years after a virus wipes out most of the Earth's human population. San Francisco, where much of the narrative unfolds, has been reduced to 186 people.

The survivors in this brave new world are played by an array of actors and non-professionals, each improvising dialogue based on extensive backstories provided by Grant. They reveal themselves through interviews with documentarians trying to capture what's left of civilization on digital video. A physician (Dr. Mary Rutherford) recalls the medical nightmare. A former stockbroker (Greg Lucey) explains how the government reassured frightened citizens that everything was under control, when it clearly was not. Shots of empty streets, a forlorn Golden Gate Bridge and a silent harbor underline the desolation.

Teens ransacking houses for basic necessities don't even blink when they come across a skeleton. A birdwatcher (Josiah Clark) feels safer living in a tree. Normally nonviolent folks debate whether to eliminate a man (Mark Routhier) driven mad by the apocalypse and now a possible danger to the community. A commune run by Mama Eva (Angie Thierot, a Glorie Steinem lookalike) tries to find a suitable sperm donor to impregnate a widow (Linda Noveroski). It's important to be fruitful and multiply, yet everyone's still in shock.

A cold-eyed adolescent orphan (James Curry) suggests the plague might have been the planet's way of dealing with the inhabitants who were destroying it. This kid would frighten the hell out of any witch in the Maryland woods. Distributor: Cyan
Cast: Mark Routhier, Calum Grant, Mary Rutherford, James Curry, Angie Thierrot, Greg Lucey and Linda Noveroske
Directors/Producers: Calum Grant and Joshua Atesh Litle
Screenwriter: Calum Grant
Genre: Mockumentary/drama
Rating: Not rated
Running time: 75 min.

Tags: Mark Routhier, Calum Grant, Mary Rutherford, James Curry, Angie Thierrot, Greg Lucey, Linda Noveroske, Joshua Atesh Litle Screenwriter, Calum Grant Genre, Mockumentary/drama, planet, social conscience, frightening, brave, new world, civilization

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