Everybody Loves Sunshine

on October 17, 2000 by Mike Kerrigan
   This gritty, urban saga is not an easy movie to watch because the characters really do seem like real people living in a tragically real world in the North of England. You pretty much know they are doomed and there seems little they can do about it.
   But it's worth all the discomfort. Inhabited by carefully drawn individuals and acted with a natural but grim reality, it's a film that will stay with you. It also looks fabulous--the visual version of techno music, all black and shiny and a more than a little dangerous.
   The story is about two cousins who are released from jail after serving two years, and both are desperate to back to their world. For one, played by British music sensation Goldie (named for his array of metal-filled teeth), that means a life of crime. For the other (writer/director Andrew Goth), it's something more, even if he's not sure quite what. Adding to the confusion is the fact that the gang they left in charge of a veteran crimelord (David Bowie) is under siege by a vicious Chinese Triad. One cousin wants to fight, the other wants to walk away.
   It has all the makings of a classic tragedy--and it delivers. Goth's writing is taut and effective. His direction is wonderfully stylized and enormously potent. And he is absolutely right in the role of Ray, the gentler cousin.
   Bowie pops up throughout the film and brings a calming presence to the mayhem. In a Michael Caine accent he talks about the honor among thieves and villains years ago. It not only points up the changes talking place but puts the violence in context.
   Make no mistake, this is a very violent film, and it's not so-called cartoon violence. When people get shot here, they stay dead. It is a brutal and uncompromising movie, but it has very valid points and it makes them well.    Starring Goldie, Andrew Goth and David Bowie. Directed and written by Andrew Goth. Produced by Joanne Reay. A Lions Gate release. Crime drama. Not rated. Running time: 101 min.
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