Fair Game

on November 03, 1995 by Kim Williamson
In this Joel Silver actioner's big scene, a chase along a freeway, two vehicles collide and explode--except the film's pyrotechnics crew, close examination shows, detonated the explosives a moment before the vehicles touch. Then there's the hurried ending aboard a surprisingly unpopulated center-of-black-ops ship, aboard which a Miami detective (William Baldwin) and a babealicious lawyer (Cindy Crawford) defeat a former KGB operative (Steven Berkoff) whose killer cronies have been pursuing them; detective shows up, grabs the girl, the ship sinks. Did Silver run out of coin?
   A constellation of missed chances, most lost in Charlie Fletcher's adaptation of the Paula Gosling novel and Andrew Sipes' cardboard direction, "Fair Game" has far worse problems than its one selling point: supermodel Crawford. Her character sure takes a lot of showers and simply must dash about in skimpy T-shirts, but Crawford is much better than the hapless material. Starring William Baldwin and Cindy Crawford. Directed by Andrew Sipes. Written by Charlie Fletcher. Produced by Joel Silver. A Warner Bros. release. Action. Rated R for intermittent strong violence, language and a scene of sexuality. Running time: 91 min.
Tags: Starring William Baldwin, Cindy Crawford, Directed by Andrew Sipes, Written by Charlie Fletcher, Produced by Joel Silver, Warner Bros, Action

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