Fancy Dancing

on October 18, 2002 by Susan Green
   Canada has exported numerous comedians in a devious scheme to conquer the United States. Some of them are in Brock Simpson's "Fancy Dancing," a charming romp with Dave Thomas of "SCTV" fame and Kids in the Hall member Dave Foley (TV's "NewsRadio"). Fellow countryman Jason Priestley, a "Beverly Hills 90210" alumnus, shows an impressive range as the immature Asa Gemill. The character is obsessed with vintage Big Band music and old movies starring Mar Stoddart (Dan Chameroy), the fictitious "Canadian Fred Astaire."

   Asa, who rooms with a tightly wound saxophonist (Ewen Bremner, "Pearl Harbor"), is an unreliable father to his son (Connor Price) from a failed marriage. He begins to grow up after accepting a job at the ad agency owned by his Uncle Billy (Thomas). The madly ambitious Nat (Foley) and perky/quirky Karen (Tanya Allen) are co-workers there. Bremner and Thomas speak with thick Scottish accents. Priestly sings and dances, and he's not half bad.    Starring Jason Priestley, Dave Foley, Dave Thomas, Ewen Bremner, Tanya Allen, Connor Price, Deborah Odell and Dan Chameroy. Directed and written by Brock Simpson. Produced by Simpson and Allan Scott. No distributor set. Musical comedy. Not yet rated. Running time: 91 min.

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