First Descent

on December 02, 2005 by Tim Cogshell
Snowboarding is a sport -- deal with it! That is the message at the core the of the extreme snowboarding documentary "First Descent." It may sound obnoxious, but after witnessing the skill and daring with which these athletes perform some absolutely amazing feats in the snow with a plank strapped to their feet, one must simply get on board (so to speak) and enjoy the show.

For the film, five superstars of snowboarding -- Shawn Farmer, Terje Haakonsen, Nick Peralta, Hannah Teter and Shaun White -- are taken by helicopter to some of the tallest runs in Alaska to experience "big mountain" rides, as they're called in the business. It's all quite death-defying. Along with exciting runs down the steep face of snow-covered mountains (each one risking death or injury from falls or avalanche), all captured by high-speed cameras from every conceivable angle, the film is a chronological history of the sport of snowboarding from the mid-'70s to the present day. All of which is a good deal more interesting than you might think. Profiles of the central boarders are spliced between interviews with some of the founders of snowboarding and today's most noted stars, along with archival footage from the earliest days of the sport.

This is good fun and exciting material hosted by a number of engaging personalities (whose ages range from 17 to 40) who have all achieved the central dream of humankind: making a living on their own terms doing a thing that they love. Featuring Shawn Farmer, Terje Haakonsen, Nick Peralta, Hannah Teter and Shaun White. Directed, written and produced by Kemp Curly and Kevin Harrison. A Universal release. Documentary. Rated PG-13 for brief strong language and a momentary drug reference. Running time: 110 min

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