on March 07, 1997 by Kim Williamson
An energetically made and acted crime drama, "Flipping" arrives via new distributor Dove, which seems intent on making a reputation in genre entries. This Gene Mitchell film, however, will take the company only partway to its goal.
   Apparently, the story is to focus on the "flipping" (conspiring with a cop) of a gay conman with an obsessively gay cop, but the real tale lies elsewhere, with four small-time hoods considering whether, once they're done killing a competing crime lord, to kill their own boss. But the notes of Mitchell's script are often overly familiar, and the gay element is so poorly woven in that it throws off the balance of the entire movie. Starring Gene Mitchell, Keith David, David Amos and Barry Primus. Directed and written by Gene Mitchell. Produced by Gene Mitchell and David Amos. A Dove release. Drama. Rated R for violence and strong language. Running time: 110 min.
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