For Richer or Poorer

on December 12, 1997 by Jon A. Walz
   Does the world really need another fish out of water movie? How about one where the fish are a sleazy, conniving New York real estate baron and his snobbish, frigid wife and the water is the friendly Amish community in the Pennsylvania town of Intercourse? Not since grown white men wore black-face and sang songs about life on the plantation has a movie been so blatantly insulting to an entire group of people.
   Super-builder Tim Allen and his wife Kirstie Alley have been on the romantic rocks since the they day merged, er, married some 10 years ago. He's been busy planning huge, new theme parks like "The Holy Land" while she has been busy lunching and shopping. Who has time for love under these conditions? To make matters worse, a business associate (Wayne Knight) has been robbing them blind for years and, suddenly, the IRS is after them. After a car chase and shoot-out along the streets of Manhattan, the unhappy couple steals a cab and heads south...all the way to Amish country.
   From here, "For Richer or Poorer" becomes little more than an humorless Amish-bashing fest where every convention and conviction of these people are impaled by the childish antics of the leads. Screenwriters Jana Howington and Steve LuKanic found room in their script for every tired cliché in the book about farming, barn raising, baking, and shopping at Sears. Starring: Tim Allen, Kirstie Alley, Wayne Knight. Directed by Bryan Spicer. Written by Jana Howington, Steve LuKanic. Produced by Sid, Bill and Jon Sheinberg. A Universal release. Comedy. Rated PG-13 for Richer or Poorer. PG-13 for some sexual innuendo and one use of strong language
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