Forces Of Nature

on March 19, 1999 by Dwayne E. Leslie
In this modern age, getting from New York to Savannah in two days under normal circumstances should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately for Ben (Ben Affleck), he's about to find that circumstances are anything but normal. On his trek to make it to his wedding on time, he survives a plane crash, a drug bust, a robbery, freak fires, hailstorms, lightning and a hurricane. To make matters worse, he finds himself accompanied on his perilous journey by a sexy, free-spirited woman (Sandra Bullock), who puts his commitment to his fiancee (Maura Tierney) to the ultimate test.
   At first, things happen with the unstoppable rapidity of the flow of toppling dominoes. But as soon as the hapless duo are able to catch their breath, they start to reflect and ponder, which breaks the fluid momentum.
   The combination of Affleck's deadpan by-the-book persona with the spontaneity of Bullock's character sparks with convincing chemistry, their diverse personalities causing both to grow and bring to the surface what each is running away from or can't admit.
   While this road trip makes a couple of detours too many, the twist at the end makes the predictable journey worthwhile. Starring Ben Affleck, Sandra Bullock and Maura Tierney. Directed by Bronwen Hughes. Written by Marc Lawrence. Produced by Susan Arnold, Ian Bryce and Donna Roth. A DreamWorks release. Comedy. Rated PG-13 for sensuality, language and a scene of drug use. Running time: 106 min
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